Financial rules affecting your future

To reach success, there are rules meant to be followed, to avoid any kind of conflict between two people or two parties however different they are. Rules are often tie your hands, they become obstacles in the road of your self-success. From my point of view, rules don’t have a negative meaning per-se’ yet the impact they may cause doesn’t always put a smile on your face. Are all the rules have a negative impact on your life? Obviously, not all the rules do work as an obstacle. While caring for your future, there are money rules shouldn’t even be bent and be ditched. There are kind of rules which just made to make your life greater, unwritten rules preserving themselves as suggestions. Here we introduce you to some of these rules to show how cool some rules could be.

1. Get ready to meet the ends

Foresee the future and make a plan to reach financial freedom. In doing so try to save as much as you can while not hurting your life. Don’t let any unhappiness enters your life just because you are desperate for comfort in the future. A day may come when you are unable to work and you must quit your job, this day is not going to happen soon and I wish that you never be forced to abandon your career. Well, let’s be rational and be prepared for the worst. Follow the steps to financial freedom and in this way, you’ll unbelievably find yourself a top of all the odds.

In other words, with following the steps to financial freedom save money for the day you are going to retire.

The next two rules mentioned here, are the rules you heard over and over, still they worth mentioning again.

2. Be minimalist

Don’t waste your wealth. Start to think as a minimalist. Thinking as a minimalist doesn’t mean to take hard on yourself. Simply it means to spend your money in products that provide you happiness and bring value to your life. All is required is not to overspent your money on the things you never lacked.

3. Stand against all the odds

However hard you try and whatever you do can be ruined by an unexpected train of events. See yourself as the unluckiest person in the world, imagine that you are cursed with a curse that can’t be lifted (But don’t get depressed), expect the worst and now is the time to create a financial emergency. Save more than you expected so in the time of crisis you won’t be buried under a pile of debts.

4. Avoid anything that sounds as a loan

In my experience not only should you not go under any debt, but also cosigning someone’s loan is something you should avoid. However close you are to someone dear, do not ever think to cosign his loans. Not doing so is neither heartless nor foolish. If you want to be kind, lend him money yourself, help him to get over of his problems but do not cosign a loan, because it’s all the same as putting yourself under a debt.

5. Avoid credit cards or at least be smart in using them

The same danger in debts is hided in using credit cards. As a matter of fact, credit cards can be abused, and some filthy thieves try to abuse your trust or hack into your account, keep track of the amount you spending. Nevertheless, it’d be better if you put all your credit cards aside and never use them again. And if you have no better choice than credit cards, always be active while using them.

6. Negotiate

Learn the way of negotiation. When it comes to buy a house or a car, however luxury they are, and there are huge expenses you want to proceed, you need to have enough experience in negotiation. The way you negotiate may earn you a great fortune. The better you negotiate, the more discount you earn, and don’t feel pity and don’t let it bother you, it always ends as a win-win situation.

7. Have an honest life while being smart

If you are dealing with a huge amount of money, you own a successful factory or you are a lawyer, every little crime you commit may result a great loss in your wealth. So, keep an honest life and act as smart as you can.

Ambitious people may try to play tricks on you. So, study law for a little amount of time and be the one who outsmart them. Or invest in the greatest lawyer you can afford, so he can fight your battles.

8. Get rich, slow but steady

Get rich, slow but steady

Getting rich in just one night is a sham. It’s a fairly tale you should not believe in. Wanting to be a billionaire at age of 25 by lacking a wealthy background, may end in risking all you have. Trust me when I say, there’s a zero chance you find success by betting or risking a lot. Throw away your negative ambition, it’s a disease going to hurt you in an unpleasant way.

By moving step by step, slow but steady, reaching the stage of financial security is guaranteed. Wanting to reach financial freedom and abundance, you should know the ways of risk. Don’t risk too much, put a specific amount of money aside that does not hurt your wealth at all. Furthermore, the amount you invest or risk must not ever cross that specific amount.

Once you have enough experience and knowledge, now is the time to invest more. Always keep a safe spot for yourself so when an unexpected turn of events happened, you wouldn’t lose much.

9. Do not chase the hot dot

Just because others do something specific, do not follow their path. Don’t even dare to let others decide for you. You are gifted with an amazing mind which can consume knowledge amazingly, more than you can imagine, it is able to calculate every possibility and decide whichever is the best, so do not underestimate its capabilities and trust yourself, then hesitate a little and in the next step do whatever you think is right.

To put it mildly, do not decide with your emotions, trust your gut feeling but not your emotions. When someone very dear, gift you an advice, the more you love him, the more caution you should be. Be cautious when your emotions are deciding about your financial life. Even when it comes to lending money to a family member, be cautious.

Although what we said previously sounds heartless, let’s have a different point of view. Being generous is recommended on order to raise the trust of others. Having good opinions of others about you is a boost for you to make trustworthy bargains and exchanges. By having their credit, you can invest more and more and you will have a gratitude behind you which can aid you in the way to financial freedom.

What this article implies is not ethical, it’s just an argument as a pattern to financial freedom.

At the bottom line:

Building wealth and reaching to financial freedom thanks to that wealth, requires some rules to follow which doing them is as simple as saying them. Definitely there are more rules aside from what were mentioned above. The rules are clear and intelligible. Just learn, and if sounds possible, expand them and pave your own path to success.

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