Panic Selling

Panic Selling

As the name implies, Panic selling is the process by which the price of a stock falls rapidly on high volume, and individuals panic and sell.


This situation arises when the event causes investors to re-evaluate the intrinsic value of the stock, or when short-term stock traders are capable of forcing the stock’s price to fall low enough to allow them to trigger long-term stop losses. This is called panic selling.

The process of panic selling is known to be the moment where the investors decide to go entirely to cash and sell everything they have irrespective of the quality and the efficiency of the holding, and they don’t regard taxes.

What is Panic Selling

The process of panic selling can create an excellent opportunity for the bottom fishers who are new to be able to initiate positions, especially when the event is behind the panic selling that was a non-material or even a speculative one in nature.
Panic selling is considered to be a vast sale or selling of the investment that has the potential to cause a remarkable decline in its price. The investors desire to get out of the investment due to the price.
On the other hand, the selling activity is considered to be problematic often due to the condition of the seller who sells due to the fear and emotions, instead of evaluation of the fundamentals.

How Does It Work?

Panic selling occurs due to a decline in the security price in the market. Panic selling does not involve evaluating the fundamentals related to stock and the conditions of the market.

It is considered to be the result of the reactions that arise due to emotions and hence causes the sellers to desire to exit the investment irrespective of the price or the cost.
It can drive the costs low in an artificial way where the price decreases, but the quality stays the same.

Panic Selling and Stock Market Crashes

A stock market crash is considered a sudden decline in the stock price in the market, and it results in a significant loss of wealth.

The crash of the stock market is basically driven by panic selling as well as underlying factors related to the economy.

It has been recorded that the public panic after the rash of the stock market led to a lot of people rushing to withdraw their funds from banks, and on the other hand, investors were not able to withdraw their money due to the fact that the bank officials invested money in the market.

Recently, as a result of the pandemic, there was a panic selling by the investor as the price of the stocks fell rapidly. The process led to a significant crash in the price of the stock.

This is how panic selling and stock market crashes are correlated.

What Causes Panic Selling?What Causes Panic Selling?


The panic selling process basically occurs due to certain reasons. In the panic selling event, the market is considered to be flooded along with securities, commodities, and properties that are available and are being sold for a low price.

Some of the common causes of panic selling can be:

  • High speculation rate in the market
  • Instabilities related to the economy
  • Issues in regards to politics
  • Unexpected events in the market catch the attention of the traders.
  • Growth of the sales.
  • Changes in the management system as well as the decisions.


The Risks of Panic Selling

The risks associated with panic selling are stated as below, such :

  • Panic selling locks both the losses as well as keeps the investors at high risk for not being active in the best days of the market.
  • Loss is considered to be one of the most significant risks associated with panic selling.
  • The market conditions are one of the reasons that the investors review their holdings, and they tend to adjust the assets far away from the risky assets such as stocks and move towards steadier assets, just like bonds.


The stock market has the ability to crash and drawdown and be a devastating event for the investors. The panicking process during the period where the market falls and at the same time selling in the lowest is basically the worst situation one can be, especially for the investment process.

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